An Ethos For Everything Eastern

Itʼs indeed worth considering how often in London the word ʻvintageʼ is thrown about…

We Londoners like to think of ourselves as cutting-edge when it comes to all things vogue. In such a fast-paced and cutthroat environment new trends seem to be belly-up as quick as they were in.

Precisely this throwaway culture has lead Sanju and Ro to set up shop east. But wait! Before you say to yourself: ʻOh brother, another vintage shop in Londonʼ, let me tell you friends that this is where the similarities end. This local couple have cultivated an eclectic collection of unique items that reflect their heritage from Bhutan and Nepal.

A mere hop, skip and jump from Dalston Kingsland Station, who would have thought they could find themselves amongst a treasure-trove of quality 2nd hand silk kimonos, Nepalese hand crafted jewellery and ornate statuettes, Italian leather card holders, belts and bracelets made from off-cuts of handbags, sunglasses from discontinued ranges, vintage boots and heels… all within a glorious mid-price range and sourced with Sanjuʼs conscious mindset of a lighter ecological and ethical footprint.

With an online store in the works, a personal shopping and styling option, plus the availability of signature adjustments and alterations, Mero Retro is perfect for those seeking niche items with an attention to detail. And browsing through the rows of thick winter coats, hand-beaded sequin party dresses and soft blouses the couple tells me the stock is constantly rotating. So unlike other vintage stores in London you are unlikely to see the same cobwebbed garment on the racks should you pop in next month.

I couldnʼt help but mention to Sanju and Ro that they definitely have a good thing going on. Be sure to pass by next time and Iʼm sure you will agree, Mero Retro is a welcomed oasis in a vast vintage wasteland.

(Article written for Le Bonbon, UK, 19/11/2015)

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