Artist’s Bio: Anna Laurini

If you take the time to listen to your own creative pulse, one does not need to look too far to find inspiration…

Producing art that is profoundly expressive and thought provoking in effect is what Anna Laurini does best.

Her abstract pieces are peppered with visceral splendour, her figurative portraits possess a certain signature elegance.

Chiefly drawing influence from her experiences in the big city, Anna has acquired a well- rounded learning circle from her studies in Milan, New York and London; including the Art Student League Academy and Fashion Institute Tech in New York City, and Central Saint Martins Fine Arts College in London.

Arguably so however, much of her creative learning process can be credited to her everyday personal experiences in these cities. Whether walking the streets or riding buses, the vibrancy is prevalent in much of her work. The fact that her art exudes such a global metropolitan air is testament to her exhibiting and selling commissioned works from Europe to the United States and Australia.

Initially inspired by the Abstract Expressionist movements of New York in the 50ʼs, more recently Annaʼs work has evolved into her own unique square portraits, painted with sleek brushstrokes and bold lines. Usually accompanied by thoughtful lines or quotes, these signature pieces are painted on anything from textured canvas, brick walls or pages ripped from novels. Whatever the media, the spontaneity of expression is ripe within her work and it shows. Atypical to contemporary tradition, Anna Lauriniʼs artistic progression has seen a transition from in-house studios and galleries, to bustling street corners and urban sprawls. And if you were to ask Anna, street art for her is ultimately a self-necessitated urge to give something back, as opposed to a mere tool for personal promotion.

Using art as a vehicle to stimulate the subconscious and evoke the senses, Anna Lauriniʼs art encourages oneself to think outwardly, whilst keeping an ear open to oneʼs inner emotions. Inspired by the backdrop of the city skyline, motivated by the tides of her ebbing impulse, Annaʼs work is evermore engaging and thought-provoking.

(Written for Anna Laurini, 3/10/2015)

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