The Century: A Time-Travellers Guide

Yes, itʼs November already, and the arse-end of 2015 is almost out of the picture.

Ever get that sobering feeling that the years are passing us by too fast? Wish you could re-live the memories of yesteryear? Well, how does the idea of hurtling through 100 years in a couple of days sound? Thanks to Helen Bagnall of Salon London and Odette Toilette you could be quantum leaping back through the decades quicker than you can say ʻGreat Scott!ʼ

Over 2 Saturdays, lovers and purveyors of arts and culture are invited to take a sensory journey down memory lane. ʻThe Centuryʼ is a nostalgic exploration of 20th century culture and social history… segmented through the decades and celebrated through reacquainting ourselves with the ideas, music, drink, smells and literature of the era. Hosted at The Hoxtonʼs mid-century styled Apartment venue in East London, and split over Saturday the 7th and 14th of November, a colourful array of speakers including authors, columnists, composers, and academics will hold court and share their knowledge on each of the 10 decades.

The exhibition is a chance to immerse ourselves in the ingenious, quirky and sometimes impractical world of years passed. Whether it be the dawn of the century and the transformation of a new and fledgling society; or looking at the modernism of urban architecture that took shape in the roaring 20ʼs; perhaps itʼs the free-love and hippie movements of a psychedelic 60ʼs; or who could forget the Y2K paranoia and digital insecurities of the now seemingly distant 90ʼs… indeed there is a little something for the nostalgia in us all here.

With such guest speakers as broadcaster and writer of ʻShop Girlsʼ Dr Pam Cox, Britainʼs leading forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes, Times drinks journalist Alice Lascelles, composer Mark Bowdon, and scent authority Lizzie Ostrom to name a few, ʻThe Centuryʼ should prove an excitingly comprehensive journey through the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and wonders of the 20th century. On top of all that some of the authors will have books available to buy at the event, and every guest receives a complimentary cocktail.

And the rest is glorious history!

1900ʼs – 1940ʼs 10am – 5pm Saturday 7th November 2015

1950ʼs – 1990ʼs 10am – 5pm Saturday 14th November 2015

(Published for Le Bonbon, UK 3/11/2015)

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