The Restoration: Restoring Our Faith

Newsflash to creatives, young couples, professionals and those like myself with distinguished tastes but shallow pockets: quality antique furniture and beautiful household items donʼt need to cost you the heavens and the earth…

Located on one of the historic mews off Stoke Newingtonʼs bustling Church Street, local couple Sophie and Spud have converted the massive space of an old ballroom and functions hall into a bonanza of once- cherished items and accessories. The Restoration is the product of their vision to source beautiful antiques that would be accessible not only to the privileged few. And this is fast proving to be the weekend detour for many.

Utilizing the limits of this capacious setting, the humble London flea market and antique store has nothing on this. They have the space to house larger and more eclectic pieces and it shows… everything from Armoire wardrobes and Victorian Chester drawers to mid- century tables and retro sideboards. Hell, and if itʼs the smaller accessories like lampshades, super-soft fur and hide rugs, clocks or vases they have you covered too. With a knack for restoring, painting and upholstering, the guys will happily fit out furnishings made-to-measure for those awkward corners and spaces only too common to those living in London. And to add to that personal touch they also handle all deliveries if need be.

For the lazy shopper that likes to call the shots from the comfort of their armchair, everything is available online. However Sophie tells me there will always be those that particularly feel the necessity to see/touch/smell the antiques, or those that enjoy the weekend habits of walking in from the street and brightening their home with an addition they may have not expected. And because Sophie and Spud take the time to regularly source their items from markets and auctions outside of Greater London, the reasonable price tags are passed on to the faithful.

So, the good news is one does not have to deck their apartment out with cheap flat-pack furniture anymore. The bad news is the wealthy people that thought quality antiques were just for them wonʼt like it one bit.

(Published for Le Bonbon UK, 20/9/2015)

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