The Future is Green. The Future is Gigappy.

Let us take a brief moment to consider an all-too-common scenario that is most probably happening somewhere right now…

A musician, an events organiser and a DJ walk into a pub. They each purchase a pint and find a stool at different ends of the bar. The musician opens up a laptop and begins to trawl through a number of saved tabs with the hope of finding work. The events organiser bounces back and forth between his diary and his work tablet, trying to locate artists to fill open slots at his venue. The DJ sits glued to his smartphone as he attempts to seesaw between chains of conversation from nightclub managers and promoters; all the while having to double-check and cross reference between notes and dates scribbled in his calendar. The frustrated trio walk out of the pub individually, but they are dogged by the same bothersome thought… surely there has got to be a better way.

Well friends, the next time I happen to witness this discombobulating skirmish taking place at my local, I’ll be sure to climb up onto the bar and shout to the rafters:

‘It’s here!! Gigappy has arrived!!’

Developed with the intention to connect musicians, band leaders and other artists with those looking to book them or work with them, the genius of Gigappy aims to centralise this activity under one convenient umbrella, thus taking the exhausting legwork out of what was once a gruelling and lengthy procedure.

Straight-forward and simple to navigate, once the user has logged in they are immediately introduced to a network of other artists, with access to their own profile and calendar– which syncs with your other mobile calendar (iCal or Google), unique gig pages specific to each gig (including set lists and Google Street View), an immersive jobs board for both sides of the coin (including Dep musicians), and the ability to compile lists of musicians (to save time when adding artists to gigs). All totally compatible and universally inclusive whether you use Apple, Android or most other devices.

Gigappy allows you to organise your gigs seamlessly, whilst delivering smooth and shorter pathways of communication between musicians, DJ’s, venues and band leaders alike.

It allows you to chat with other musicians, add musicians to your network contacts, and fill your gig calendars with alerts and reminders, so you no longer miss an event, show or gig.

One of the many ways that Gigappy stands as a game-changer is that it splices through the tedium of having to trawl through various platforms like Facebook, What’sApp, Twitter, calendar reminders, notes, spreadsheets etc. and centralises this procedure into one handy application that, quite frankly, makes it plain-sailing and easy to use. Think of it as a hassle-free hub or junction for those on all sides to connect, wherever they may be in the world. From solo artists, band leaders, DJ’s, orchestras, venue operators, promoters, festival organisers and much more, with Gigappy a world of opportunity is ready to be unleashed, whether at home or on the road.


It’s worth mentioning that Gigappy is not your normal App on the App Store. It has been made using Progressive Web App technology, meaning that it works and behaves exactly like an app, but you find it through your normal web browser.

For all you musicians now scratching your heads wondering why, this is simply because Gigappy wants to be available to everyone, regardless of the mobile device you may have. This accessibility opens the doors to a broader pool of users that aren’t inhibited by their brand or provider, nor do they have to keep up to date with the latest mobile technology.

Or more to the point, in the words of creative director Luke Candler:

“Music is universal and there are a whole plethora of musicians in any age group and we recognise this by making a platform which is simple in design and one that everyone can use without being hindered by advancing technology.”

So why don’t you do yourself a favour and sign up with Gigappy? Connect with a world of likeminded artists and industry figures and lighten your load. That rocky road just got a little smoother, a whole lot wider and great deal more accessible.

(Article written for the Gigappy Application soft launch, July 2018)

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